Welcome To A NJ Small Business Guide To Employee Benefits

Many different initiatives are required to come together to run a NJ small business, and this website provides a primer about one of them – employee benefits.

My name is Greg Colen, and I’m a NJ small business benefits specialist, having helped hundreds of NJ small businesses with their employee benefits over the past ten years. Please see About for more information about my background and activities. This primer is intended for NJ small business owners/operators with 2-20 employees.

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  1. Why Should NJ Employers Offer Employee Benefits?
  2. When Should A NJ Startup Business Offer Benefits?
  3. What Are The Basics Of NJ Employee Benefits?
  4. How Should Employees Be Involved In Benefits Plan Selections?
  5. How Are Employee Benefits Paid For?
  6. How Can Employee Benefit Plans Be Used Most Effectively?
  7. What Types Of Rules Must Be Followed?
  8. What Is The Process At Policy Renewal/Plan Anniversary?
  9. How Can A NJ Benefits Specialist Help?
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