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Full-service employee benefits consulting brokerage firm, operating since 2001. The company offers a complete line of benefit plans, including individual and group health, dental, vision, wellness, advocacy, cafeteria, health savings accounts, and self-funded/health reimbursement arrangements aimed at startup and small businesses in NJ.

Each product is a building block for benefits design, and various alternatives exist to tailor each product to the unique needs of every NJ small business to obtain the best value for employee recruitment, retention, productivity and job satisfaction.

Benefit: Coverage:
Health Physician, Pharmacy or Hospital Expense Management
Dental Dental Expense Management
Vision Vision Expense Management
Health Savings Accounts Tax-Preferred Savings For Qualified Expenses
IRC Section 125 POP Payroll Plan For Employee Benefits
Wellness  Plans Support, Incentives For Healthy Living
Wellness Employee Assistance Support, Incentives or Advocacy For Health or Work/Family Issues
Flexible Spending Accounts Tax-Preferred Savings For Qualified Expenses
Self-Funded Plans/HRA Custom Health or Dental Plans

For all of the above, we provide expert assistance with:

    • Cost-effective plan design, including provider/network analysis
    • Streamlined enrollment and plan installation
    • Administration, including adding, changing or terminating enrolled employees
    • Resolution of carrier issues, including claims or billing
    • Renewal evaluation, including review of alternatives.
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