Outsourcing non-core business processes is a proven way to reduce cost and increase focus on the core business. Utilizing a 3rd-party payroll processor provides the following benefits:

  • Improve payroll technology and process
  • Establish better security and control
  • Simplify bank reconciliation to a single debit
  • Save labor and time!

Payroll is the process used to pay employees accurately and on time. The most obvious job of payroll is to issue payment to employees, but few employees understand how complicated this task can be:

  • Paying employees, checkwriting and direct deposit
  • Balancing payroll data
  • Reconciling payroll data
  • New hire paperwork
  • Inputting new hires
  • Collecting/inputting time data
  • Depositing and reporting taxes
  • Creating Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) files
  • Processing deductions
  • Reporting payroll data
  • Record keeping
  • Modifying existing employee files
  • Maintaining compliance with all tax laws
  • HR-related reporting and services
  • Employee self-service, duplicate W-2’s and check stubs

BenefitMall has a long-standing history of helping businesses streamline operations and increase efficiency with payroll services. With industry-leading customer service and a “can do” attitude, we are the perfect extension of your business.


Terms & Conditions:

*Discount applies to payroll processing fees. Discount off current provider or BenefitMall list price. Must provide current payroll processing invoice. First check date by 5/1/2014. Offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer or discount. Offer not valid for current BenefitMall clients. **Penalty-free tax service is guaranteed as long as the information provided to BenefitMall is accurate, on time and your tax account is fully funded.

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